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One-Stop-Shop for all MVNO needs


The journey of Plintron began  in  2008 with a goal to fast-track MVNE    provider and is an innovative SaaS company providing MVNA, MVNE, CPaaS mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to market by offering a full set of business and operating support systems (B/OSS) on its Cloud Communications platform. Drawing upon its extensive experience  over  the  years, the   company   has   evolved its Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) capabilities to a comprehensive digital experience platform and an innovative mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA) model to serve mobile network operators (MNOs), MVNOs, internet of things players (IoT/ M2M), and enterprises or brands. Today, Plintron has cemented its position as the world’s largest end-to-end multi-country MVNA, (Cloud Communications Platform as a Service), and IoT services on its Cloud Communications Platform.

“We take pride in the fact that we have integrated over 140 brands to more than 40 MNOs, equipping them with innovative mobile services and activating over 150 million subscribers around the world. We operate in 28 countries across six continents. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to offer highly flexible, affordable, and scalable solutions to our customers,” says Subhashree Radhakrishnan, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of Plintron Group.


While most MNOs want to grow their wholesale revenues by launching MVNOs, they find it to be a daunting task  due to a lack of adequate telecom domain knowledge.  To this end, Plintron supports managed MNOs with complete go-to-market (GTM), sales and marketing consulting and acts as an extended arm of their wholesale team to grow their revenues and improve customer loyalty and engagement. Moreover, Managed MNOs often deal with a multitude of vendors to successfully launch an MVNO. Plintron acts as the intermediate layer between

MNO and an MVNO, providing everything the MNO needs in terms of telecom SaaS. This includes a complete stack of fully integrated NSS/BSS/OCS/OSS/GW suites and other software for billing, customer relationship management, and more. Additionally, Plintron platform supports both Prepaid and PostPaid services. Plintron also provides MNOs with a choice of the deployment of its platform— private or public cloud, or on- premises.

On the other hand, MVNOs find  it  increasingly  challenging to approach large MNOs and negotiate airtime and data rates.

Plintron helps MVNOs by providing ready-made, affordable airtime contracts through its MVNA model. As such, the company significantly lowers the entry barrier for MVNOs. “We are an end-to-end integrated shop for all MVNO requirements and a boon to MNOs and MVNOs alike, helping them save exorbitant costs and efforts,” remarks Subhashree.

What’s more, Plintron’s platform supports multiple languages facilitating catering to various communities and cultural diasporas across the globe, and also supports post-paid services. To further substantiate Plintron’s value proposition, Subhashree recalls an instance in which they helped one of its customers,    an aggregator MVNO in Southern Europe. The client wanted to buy airtime and infrastructure from Plintron and, in turn, sublease it to smaller brands that want to launch ESP MVNOs. The aggregator then integrated these small brands to enable them to become ESP- MVNOs. Plintron ensured that each of the ESPs, although using the same platform, were independent of each other. They could have their own tariffs and create their own schemes and propositions.

Steering ahead, Plintron has major footprint expansion plans in the pipeline. The company started its MVNA operations in Mexico and Russia this year and will be launching in Colombia soon. The company aims to operate in 50 countries in the next five years. Besides, the company also has aggressive CPaaS, and MVNx plans to execute in the future. “Despite COVID, we have been growing exponentially and will continue to serve our clients in the best possible way,” notes Subhashree