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MVNA image Plintron MVNE MVNE Round The Starting Point for Successful MVNOs ! Launch your own

MVNA image MVNE Round Plintron MVNE Launch your own
The Starting Point for
Successful MVNOs !

MVNE – Telecom SaaS Platform

Plintron’s multi country MVNE – Telecom SaaS platform is a world-class high performance adaptive and responsive end to end solution and has launched 140 MVNOs across 40+ MNOs in 28+ countries in 6 continents.

Cloud based Solution

Cloud-based solution hence fast to launch and Simplified Operations

Scalable capacity

Elastic Scalable capacity and Affordable Commercials.

Choice of Deployment

Choice of Deployment – Private, Public, On-Premises

Integrated Solution

Comprehensive & integrated OSS/BSS/NSS/GW suit


Customisable Flexible Solution

Multi-Language support

Platforms support Multiple-Languages


Proprietary with inbuilt library of 400 APIs

MVNE desktop version
MVNE Mobile version

Benefits for MNOs

Multiple MVNOs on same platform

Multi Tenanted full MVNE platform- Multiple MVNOs hosted on same platform, each one managed independently

Single Integration

Less operational hassles and overheads vs integrating multiple MVNE platforms

Quick integration

Cloud Hosted Solution ensures quick integration and faster launches of MVNOs

End to End Solution

End to End complete Software cloud and platform cloud suited for all kind of MVNO launches

Choice of deployment

Can be deployed in Public, Private, and On-Premise model


Elastic scalable capacity

Multi-Language Support

Multiple languages and branding as required by each MVNO


Customisable for each MVNO and can support multiple MVNO market models

Fully integrated Suites

Fully integrated NSS/BSS/OCS/OSS/GW Suites


Fully compliant to Local regulations including EU -GDPR & RLAH

Multiple 3rd party services

Multiple third party services (including 1000+ VAS) can be integrated


Platform is affordable and commercially available in License and Monthly ASP fee model

Benefits for MVNOs

End to End

End to End complete Software cloud and platform cloud with fully integrated NSS/BSS/OCS/OSS/GW Suites

Multiple language support

Multiple language support so can cater to different ethnic segments

Multiple Market Models

Customisable can support multiple market models

Fast to Market

Plug & Play hence can be launched in a short timeframe


Platform is affordable and available on both Opex and license basis hence low entry costs

Payment gateways

Integration possible with 4 external payment gateways and MVNO can allocate how much percentage goes to each gateway

Third party services

Multiple third party services (including 1000+ VAS) can be integrated as per requirement

PCI DSS Compliant

Financial information can be stored in encrypted format with customer consent eg. For auto renewal of tariff plan bundle

Regulatory Compliant

Fully compliant to local regulations including EU GDPR & EU RLAH.

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