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Tele2 and world leader Plintron will launch virtual operators in Russia

Moscow – Tele2, a leading mobile network operator and Plintron, the world’s largest player in the MVNO market, have agreed to develop the virtual operator segment in Russia. Plintron’s MVNA platform allows partners to launch mobile services under their own brand quickly and at minimal cost. The international company has already signed the first agreements on the start of new projects in Russia – all of them will be implemented on the Tele2 network.
The largest world player Plintron has entered the Russian MVNO market. Its solutions are used by over 140 MVNOs around the world, which provide services for more than 150 million subscribers. In Russia, Plintron’s projects and solutions will be developed on Tele2’s technological infrastructure.

The platform allows customers to create their own infrastructure to provide telecom services or simply sell them under a new brand. Tele2 and Plintron are already ready to launch MVNOs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the geography of services offered will expand depending on the needs of customers.

Plintron offers more than just traditional MVNO launch scenarios with its own Light / Medium / Full MVNO license. Customers can choose an agent model (branded reseller) – to create their own virtual mobile operator without obtaining licenses, capital expenditures and deep expertise in the telecom.

Advanced MVNO solutions allow you to fully integrate the operator into the main business of the company. The large API (Application Programming Interface) base offers partners over 280 methods to embed a telecom product without additional rework costs. This helps to associate it with the loyalty program, spend points to pay for mobile services, launch a personal account in the partner’s mobile application, and receive detailed client analytics to form targeted offers.

It is easy to estimate the potential income from the launch of MVNO thanks to the calculator on the site: it depends on the monthly volume of connected SIM-cards. Potential customers can also estimate the costs of launching a virtual operator and choose an approach to MVNO – issue their license or bet on launch speed without capital investments.

Sergey Volkov, Development Director of the segment of virtual operators and partnerships Tele2:

“Tele2 was the first on the Russian market to put the creation of virtual operators on stream. However, we continue to develop the MVNO factory, a logical stage in this process is a partnership with one of the strongest international aggregators. The scale of Plintron’s activities in the world and the launch of projects on six continents indicate a tremendous experience in creating MVNO solutions and, at the same time, the marginality of this direction. Plintron expertise will drive growth MVNO segment in Russia and attract customers in a saturated market. Last year, Tele2 began to develop fundamentally new areas of MVNO business, cooperation with a strong player will allow it to bring new unique projects to the market. At the same time, Tele2, as an industry trendsetter, can offer its experience in launching innovative product solutions that have no analogues in telecom. The market of virtual operators is actively growing, and, according to our forecasts, by 2025 MVNO subscribers will account for 15% of the mobile communications market ”.

Svyatoslav Kosorukov, Marketing Director of Plintron LLC:

“At the stage of launching operations, we offer additional discounts and investments in organizing joint MVNO projects, so it’s a good time for potential partners to stop postponing the idea of ​​creating a virtual operator and start their own mobile project. We are ready to help our clients, both from the side of technical solutions and from the side of telecom and business expertise. ”

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