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  1. Having launched 175 MVNOs and multiple IoT businesses across the world, Plintron leads in providing affordable, scalable and flexible solutions that maximize your efficiency.
  2. We offer MVNA services on a Telecom as a Service model, MVNE services on a Telco SaaS model for MVNOs, MNOs, Enterprises and IoT service providers around the world
  3. Our Solutions are hosted on the Cloud with choice of deployment models and offered on a Pay-As-You-Grow and Use-What-You-Need model.
  4. With feature rich, scalable cloud based solutions, global network coverage, partner network, 16+ years of experience of working with the world’s leading MVNOs , MNOs, Brands, IoT businesses and Enterprises – Plintron is well positioned to cater to the requirements of businesses, both new and existing, across industries and across geographies. Our forte is launching proven and reliable services that give clients a competitive advantage.
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