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Plintron announces ‘eSIM4Things’ connectivity solution for the Internet Of Things

Plintron announced launch of its connectivity solutions for Internet Of Things businesses under the ‘eSIM4Things’ brand

These SIMs are available in a variety of form factors including mini, micro, nano and also in eSIM form factor. (FF2, FF3, FF4 and MFF2 form factors). All SIM form factors are available in regular grade as well as special grades with high resilience, specifically for the automotive and industrial applications. Plintron aims to fulfil the connectivity requirements of Internet Of Things businesses in multiple countries, across applications, devices and industry verticals.

All the SIMs are available with eUICC support for remote provisioning and maintenance. Plintron leverages its multi country network, and deep experience in wireless solutions to provide a easy to use solution –with readily available attractive tariff packs, for a variety of requirements. Along with Plintron’s IoT Platform and connectivity management suite – Plintron provides a one-stop solution for businesses, to leverage the potential of the Internet of Things.

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