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Plintron announced the launch of its Global IoT connectivity brand ” eSIM4Things ” in India

Plintron announced the launch of its Global IoT connectivity brand “eSIM4Things” in India, in partnership with BSNL. eSIM4Things Connectivity for IoT is available Pan-India, with global coverage, compatibility with all IoT devices and industry vertical applications.

Mr. Mohan Kumar Sundaram, the Group chairman of Plintron stated “Plintron is launching Internet of Things (IoT) focused service branded as eSIM4Things, offering end to end services including Sim, Connectivity, IoT Platform, Devices and End user applications through alliances, Plintron is poised to expand its IoT market in India, with partnership with BSNL as its host NSO”.

These SIMs are available in a variety of form factors including mini, micro, nano and also in eSIM form factor. (FF2, FF3, FF4 and MFF2 form factors).Plintron aims to fulfil the connectivity requirements of Internet of Things businesses in multiple countries, across applications, devices and industry verticals.

Plintron is ready to offer services to retail customers. Plintron provides a one-stop solution for businesses, to leverage the potential of the Internet of Things.

Apart from connectivity through its ‘eSIM4Things’ brand, Plintron also provides a comprehensive platform for the Internet Of Things.

eSIM4Things wanted to have quick go-to-market for its IoT connectivity solution and wanted to start its operations in India and penetrate into 30 plus operational countries in multiple regions across the globe.

Plintron have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their services including EC2, S3, SNS, SQS, ELB, Direct Connect and VPC For scalability, availability, thereby reducing the overall TCO and drastically improving the productivity as well as performance.

Above resulted in quick time to market, scalability, high availability and rollout of new differential services. eSim4Things acts as one Stop-Shop Solution for Businesses wanting to tap the potential of IoT and drive business forward: Includes SIM, Connectivity, Connectivity Manager, IoT Platform, End User Applications and Industry specific Devices through partnership and nurturing the Ecosystem.

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