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Plintron moves higher in the “Internet Of Things” value chain – Announces launch of comprehensive IoT Platform.

Plintron, the world’s leading player in Cloud Communication Services, has announced launch of a comprehensive platform for the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things market globally is expected to hit $1.29 trillion by 2020 with 30+ billion end point devices in use.

Plintron’s IoT Platform – offered along with Plintron’s industry leading Cloud Communications Platform, worldwide access to Data centers and Cloud infrastructure, global network connectivity, wholesale cellular access in multiple countries and professional services – forms an enabler for IoT businesses. Plintron offers complete flexibility in deployment- with a choice of on premise, private cloud or public cloud hosting. Plintron already provides connectivity to IoT businesses in Europe and Latin America. Further it has vast experience in deploying, launching and scaling cloud based businesses for customers all over the world.

Plintron’s IoT Platform includes modules, covering all functions – including Device Management, SIM Management, Data Storage and Analytics with Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence capabilities, Service Adapter, Rules Engine and a Control Interface. The platform is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with industry vertical applications. With API and SDKs, It is highly customizable to customer requirements.

For businesses looking to launch IoT capabilities within their operations or existing IoT enabled businesses looking for a more reliable, cutting edge and flexible IoT solution – Plintron is the clear global partner of choice.

Plintron is operational in in all six continents, across 25 countries with its own network and reachable worldwide with its cloud networks. It has enabled more than 90Million connections on its cloud platform for MVNOs and IoT, now target to reach Billion connections by 2025.

Mohan Kumar Sundaram, Co-Founder and Chairman, Plintron Group said ” The IoT ecosystem is going to substantially improve the quality of living beings in this planet. We are the catalyst in enabling the IoT solution of device and applications partners using our IoT platform and connectivity offerings. We look forward to work with forward thinking businesses looking to leverage the potential of the Internet Of Things and be part of their growth.”

“In IoT, effectively harnessing the data and gleaning meaningful and actionable insights, in a timely manner is a major challenge, which we resolve. Plintron’s robust platform architecture allows enterprises across industry verticals, to go live on IoT –on a network, device and application of their choice – and reap operational benefits.” remarked Subhashree Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman.

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