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Plintron Enters South America’s Largest 60+ Billion US$ Telecom Market

The latest foray sees seamless Launch in Brazil; Correios Cellular Commercial Plintron, the world’s largest multi-country MVNE/MVNA has announced the latest country launch that sees its presence expand to all the six major continents with the start of its commercial operations in Brazil, South America. This demonstrates that Plintron is the preferred partner globally for MVNO business for both the telecom operators and the MVNO brands alike.

With MVNOs permitted for launch since 2010 regulations, Brazil is a high potential market from MVNO perspective. With population in excess of 200 million residents, this country is projected to be a country with significant growth potential; depicted through a double digit annual growth rate.

Plintron’s launch customer in Brazil ‘Correios Celular’ has been launched in partnership with Plintron’s local partner EuTV. The implementation and launch demanded Plintron, to deploy and take its solution live in just a few weeks. The solution also had to be highly scalable, given Plintron’s aggressive expansion plans across all the regions of Brazil, acquisition of multi-million subscriber base, and complete compliance to Brazil’s regulatory norms. Plintron’s solution allows Correios to be versatile, flexible, modular, comprehensive and deployed quickly and efficiently.

Plintron has deployed its Cloud Communications As A Service, on the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) including EC2, RDS, S3, SNS, SQS, ELB, Direct Connect, VPC and Lambda thereby reducing the TCO and drastically improving the productivity as well as performance. Also it benefited on quick time to market, scalability, high availability and rollout of new differential services.

On the occasion of the launch, Mr. Mohan Kumar Sundaram, Co-Founder and Chairman, Plintron Group said, “We are happy to enter into a strategic partnership with Surf Telecom to launch MVNA services in Brazil. The first brand Correios Cellular Services is commercially live. We are confident that with Plintron’s globally proven and robust Cloud Communication Services, Correios Cellular and the other MVNO brands will be able to effectively leverage our end-to-end Telecom solution extended with our own LTE+ radio coverage to achieve their growth plans.” Plintron has again demonstrated how it can seamlessly deliver its services in any market. The Company prides itself on delivering custom solutions that comply with the unique requirements of any country including local Mobile Number Portability regulations, Lawful Interception requirements, Subscriber Registration norms. Further, the solution offered by Plintron is equipped to comply with the myriad local requirements associated with ISUP, SCCP, CAMEL, MAP and TAX compliance requirements. Additionally, with the proven experience of inter-connecting with 30+ MNOs across the world, Plintron is adept with integrating with any of the market leading Telecom OEMs.

Mr. Yon Moreira da Silva, CEO Surf Telecom, Plintron Brazil’s MVNA Partner said, “Launch of Correios Cellular services required a scalable telecom network, along with extensive experience in multi-country integrations with complex networks and launching multiple MVNO brands. Plintron is the world leader who fulfilled our business need as a strategic partner. Correios Cellular services will likely be sold to subscribers at more than 3,600 locations and 12,400 counters across Brazil by the end of 2017.”

Plintron has enabled its Cloud Communication Service for Brazil. Featuring a comprehensive end-to-end suite of Core Network Elements including 4G and Multi IMSI solutions and the widest range of Business Support and Operations support applications, Plintron was able to rollout its service quickly and enable smooth launch of Correios Cellular.

“Ensuring compliance to the requirements of the Brazilian regulator ANATEL, as well as catering to the unique features sought by Correios Cellular – Our cloud communication services enables innovative, subscriber-friendly offering including Zero-rated WhatsApp. This launch demonstrates how Plintron overcomes any entry barrier and adds to the performance record of 80+ MVNO Launches and compliance regulations of 25 countries,” stated Ms. Subhashree Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Plintron Group.

Plintron is a Platinum sponsor of MVNO World Congress scheduled for 24th – 27th April 2017 at the Palais des Congres, Acropolis, Nice, France. Global MVNOs and aspiring MVNOs are cordially invited to visit us or email Plintron at to discuss how the company can drive the success of its partners.

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