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MVNA Services | MVNE Services | IOT Services

Solutions for MNOs

MVNA Services

Fully Integrated Complete Solution

Fully integrated complete MVNE telecom SaaS stack with quick integration

Choice of Deployment

Can be deployed in Public, Private, and On-Premises model

Support to MNO Wholesale team

Plintron will deploy a local team to work as extended arm of the MNO wholesale team

Global Expertise & Support

Plintron will leverage global experience to increase the wholesale business of MNO and support individual MVNOs on sales, marketing, GTM, and Customer Care

Legal & Regulatory Support

Plintron will handle all Legal & Regulatory Obligations

No Investments required

Plintron will invest in Capex and Opex required to launch MVNA

Multiple GTM Model support

Multiple Go-to-market models supported allowing different segments, communities, and ethnic groups to be catered

MVNE Services

End to End Solution

Cloud Hosted end to end software and platform suited for all MVNO types

Multi Tenanted platform

Multi Tenanted platform allowing multiple MVNOs to be hosted on same platform but managed independently of each other with single integration

Choice of Deployment models

Can be deployed in Public, Private, and On-Premises model

Scalable capacity

Elastic scalable capacity, Flexible and customisable to meet needs of individual MVNOs

Compliant and Affordable

Affordable and available on licensing and monthly ASP fee models, and Full Compliances with regulatory requirements

Fast integration

Fast integration and launch of MVNOs

Multi Lingual Support

Multiple languages and branding as required by each MVNO

Fully Integrated Complete Solution

Fully integrated NSS/BSS/OCS/OSS/GW Suites

Multiple Third party services available

Multiple third party services (including 1000+ VAS) can be integrated

IoT Services

IoT Core Platform

The Plintron IoT Core Platform delivers a reliable and secure platform which provides a complete solution to the MNOs including handling the complex back-end operations without disturbing their core Mobile Consumer Platform.

Facilitates MNOs to overcome platform capacity issues

It also extends service and business advantage to the MNOs to overcome their platform capacity issues and help them to concentrate more on their subscriber services.

Current MNO painpoints addressed by Plintron

Pain Points

Plintron Proposition

Multiple MVNOs to coordinate

Interfacing with multiple MVNOs-Huge cost & Effort

SinglePoint Interface

Interface only with Plintron-saves team & effort

High Risk

Due to multiple entities risk of technical issues, malware and DDOS attacks higher

Low risk

Lower risk as network interface is with one entity

Long time for problem resolution

Longer time frame an identifying point or origin and resolution of issues/attacks.

Fast problem resolution

Problem resolution faster due to single point of contact

High financial exposure

Exposure to multiple MVNOs

Low exposure

Risk contained as exposure to single verifiable entity Plintron

High Overheads

High admin & collection cost overheads

Lower overheads

Lower overheads due to a single point of interface

Huge additional resources

Every MVNO onboarding requires resources – time, manpower,capex & opex

Low resource requirements

Investments made by Plintron, single integration so lower time and cost for MNOs and negligible financial liabilities.

Large time to market

Considerable time and effort for planning & launching

Quick to launch

Complete solution with fast integration from Plintron

Regulatory Clearances

Effort and time for getting regulatory clearances

Regulatory compliances facilitated by Plintron

Licenses and regulatory compliances arranged by Plintron

Uniform market Model

Uniform market model for MVNOS to reduce complexity

Supports Multiple models

Concurrent support of multiple models- including Light, Full, Branded Reseller ,Aggregator

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