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Plintron home banner Plintron rotating logo Offering Telco SaaS & TaaS to MVNOs, MNOs , Enterprises and IoT customers Plintron is the world’s largest
end to end multi-country MVNE and MVNA and CPaaS provider
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Plintron home banner Plintron rotating logo Plintron puts the power in the
Hands of Brands to
Customers Mobile Experiences take Control of their

Why should you start an MVNO?

1200 MVNOs

There are more than 1200 MVNOs in the world today

MVNO subscribers

MVNO subscribers are projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% between 2020-2027 (GVR 2019)

Global Mobile Subscriber

MVNO subscribers constitute 5.4% of the global mobile subscriber base (GVR 2019)

  1. Plintron has extensive global experience in launching 120+ successful MVNOs all over the world in 6 continents and in 28+ countries including Russia.
  2. Plintron will take care of the complete requirements for launching your MVNO
  3. Plintron can help set up an MVNO in a Plug & Play manner with a complete end-to-end solution! No worries at your end as we provide consulting on business model & launch, provide cloud infrastructure& required software, customer care, distribution support, MSIDNs/IMSIs and SIM availability support as per your requirements.
  4. We can also help you expand your MVNO globally

We Enable all Mobile Service Innovators

We provide solutions for existing operators and any mobile service provider wishing to develop innovations on top of networks. We refer to these service providers as ‘Mobile Innovators On Networks’ (MIONs)

Enterprises / Brands

  1. Engagement with Customers
  2. New Revenue streams


  1. MVNE
  2. IOT


  1. Increase Wholesale revenues
  2. Cater to niche markets


  1. MVNA
  2. MVNE
  3. IoT


  1. End to end affordable, Flexible and customisable solution
  2. Quick time to launch


  1. MVNA
  2. MVNE


  1. Compliances
  2. Technology compatibility Services

Our Differentiators


Over 40+ MNOs partnerships, 140 MVNOs launches, and 150M+ mobile subscribers worldwide in 28+ countries in 6 continents in the last 12 years


Choice of commercial models


Flexible with respect to market models, deployment type, multi-language support

Scalable & Innovative

Elastic capacity and 100% own IPR applications.


Complaint with regulatory norms and certified by PCI DSS, ISO 27001 & ISO 9001

End to End solution

Everything from BSS/OSS/NSS to airtime & roaming agreements available

Our Partners

  • service ecosystem
  • infrastructure ecosystem
With over 12 years’ experience, we have developed a deep knowledge of the telecoms supply chain as well as established strong relationships with leading players in the market

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