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Voice Calling

Plintron CPaaS empowers clients to enhance voice experiences and user communications globally with its secure,
high-definition voice service for any application in any language as per the customers’ choice.


Call Recording

Conveniently record all inbound and outbound calls via a phone call app for a better user experience.

Number Availability and Management

Local, international, toll-free numbers, or short codes are available for calling or assigning to flows to trigger automated processes when they are called or texted; they can also be used to send voice or text campaigns.

Call transfer

Quick call transfer / Call forward to the desired person.

Conference Calling

Enables to patch multiple people from anywhere around the world in a single phone call at low costs.


Enables turning text into audio across multiple languages with minimum effort.

Number Masking

This feature enables full protection to maintain the privacy of your business and customers. This is useful for applications like cab aggregators.

Call routing worldwide

This feature enables any enterprise to go through a call management process that automatically queues and distributes incoming calls based on a predefined set of criteria.

Voice alerts and notifications

This feature will enable to boost the connection rate with the customers with seamless integration of advanced AI-powered voice alerts and notifications.

Call Rating Management

Quality call management and analysis through advanced technology that tracks customer interactions and activities, in turn, helping to derive data and insights to mitigate compliance risk, influence new programs and boost overall business.

Use Cases

Voice Calling for apps

Adding voice calling to ride-hailing apps and food delivery apps to

contact the driver with a number masked.

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Voice Messaging

Plintron CpaaS enables voice messaging. Voice messages such as voice texts, voice notes, or voice memos are more evolved, efficient, and immediate. These are short audio clips used for smart interaction in IM applications.
This can power messaging apps with free and secure voice messaging.


Convenient Smart solution

Businesses and organizations everywhere can use voice messaging to send
updates to their contacts instantly as Email can be unreliable, text messages too short, and dialling phones too time-consuming.

Broadcast Message

Businesses can use voice messaging in multiple ways. They can send a broadcast message to particular teams, to roll out last-minute instructions, or as friendly encouragement their organization members.

Use Cases

BFSI: (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance)

Using Plintron CPaaS, banks and financial institutions can enable customer-facing apps with voice messaging capabilities for faster transactions payment reminders, and problem-solving.


Law firms can send appointment reminders and voice messages including legal reminders with consequences, fines, etc. if the appointment time is not met.


Voice messages sent for promotions.

Travel & tourism

Automated voice messages to give travel alerts like time of flight departure via Out Bound Dialer (OBD).

IVR or interactive voice response

Voice APIs can be used for IVR for creating an interface between companies and their customers by sending pre-recorded voice messages without having to attend to each customer manually or by filtering calls and sending to the appropriate department.

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