Dealer & Supply Chain

    CPOS - Common Point of Sale

    The Common Point Of Sale (CPOS) application which supports multi-languages, helps retailers to manage their SIM and voucher sales related activities such as sell SIM cards, register customer details, do voucher and normal top-ups, bundle subscriptions for customers, submit Over The Air (OTA) request, create child user and share or transfer balance to child user to do voucher top-up for customers, view various recharge-related reports and so on.


    • Manages the prospective retailer details
    • Support postpaid subscribers for different countries for registration
    • Enhanced to view the Current Available Balance and SIM activation balance in the main page
    • Enhanced to utilize available credit limit for the top-up
    • Generates discount report pertaining to each retailer
    • Generated top-up report for each subscriber
    • Generates top-up sales report and bundle sales report
    • View the SIM activation history
    • Generate and view Amount based incentive report and allows to download in PDF and Excel format
    • Capture top-up details in the reports for the special staff to provide incentives based on number of top-ups
    • The retailer can allocate funds to a child user. The child user can use the available fund to do top-ups for subscribers
    • Capability of supporting credit card based top-up

    SCM - Supply Chain Management

    The Supply Chain Management (SCM) application in the Plintron MVNE platform enables the MVNOs to manage the SIMs and Vouchers distribution process to the retailers without any hassle. The stock (SIMs and voucher) and top-up amount allocation process undergoes several authentication processes in the SCM application to make sure that they are efficiently distributed to the retailers and subscribers. The MVNO can define incentives to various user-levels based on the stocks sold to subscribers. Each subsequent user-levels involved in the stock distribution process will get the respective incentive. In the similar way, the excess stock can be returned back to the subsequent high-level user in-order to ensure that the stock is not getting stagnated at one-level of user. The MVNO can generate and view various reports to continuously monitor and manage the stock distribution process at different user-levels.


    • Stock monitoring alert
    • Requesting, allocating and returning stocks between different user-levels
    • Multiple authentication process for stock allocation
    • Balance Management
    • Generate and view different reports
    • Debit Balance Mechanism
    • Incentive management to encourage product selling
    • Task allocation for multiple users

    CBOS – Common Back Office System

    The Plintron CBOS application enables MVNO to create and manage resellers without any hurdle. The MVNO appoints resellers for distributing SIMs and vouchers to the subscribers. Resellers are the MVNO’s agents who sell the MVNO’s services, including SIM cards and vouchers to the retailers, who in turn, sell them to subscribers that aids in increasing the MVNO’s subscriber base. The MVNO can upload the SIMs and vouchers and assign them to a reseller in the CBOS application. The CBOS application enables seamless integration between the MVNO and reseller. The MVNO can also create and manage enterprise and assign SIMs to the enterprise.


    • SIM and Voucher loading and activation
    • SIM and Voucher block or Unblock
    • Creating and allocating stock to resellers
    • Generate and view different types of reseller reports to manage reseller activities