Policy Control

PCRF - Policy and charging rules function application

The Plintron PCRF application is a standards compliant, scalable network policy management tool which dynamically controls the network resources by applying real-time policies based on the service and subscriber configuration information. The MNOs or MVNOs can improve their network efficiency and performance with the help of Plintron PCRF application.

The Plintron PCRF application acts as a central node for making policy control and charging (PCC) decisions based on the mobile operator configuration and subscription information. The PCRF communicates the PCC decision to Policy Charging and Enforcement Function (PCEF) as a PCC rule. PCEF residing in GGSN controls the subscriber data transaction based on the communicated PCC rules.

Features of PCRF

  • Quality of Service (QoS) configuration feature enables the MNO/MVNO to control uplink/downlink speed of data traffic for their subscribers
  • The Service Data Flow (SDF) filter feature classifies the IP packets to a service data flow and also directs the IP flows to the appropriate IP CAN bearer.
  • Configure a new PCC rule for controlling data flow
  • Capacity to block or control the traffic originating from the devices that use the mobile station as a modem.