Customer Experience


CRM is a modular, web-based customer centric application that enables mobile operators to deploy CRM functionality in order to achieve effective & smooth customer transactions.

CRM is designed to provide a solution to a customer in the shortest time possible, which will develop a strong loyal base for the operators.

CRM is built with interlinked modules specifically designed for various purposes.

Key Differentiators

  • Interface for Customer Care Team to carry out the day -to- day customer transactions.
  • Distribution management Interface which provides functionality for SIM and Voucher distribution, activation, blocking and unblocking etc.
  • Reseller Management Interface which provides a flexible environment for retailer management, retailer performance etc.,
  • A Point of Sale Interface for Retailers to capture and validate the customer details during SIM sale.
  • Automated SMS Interface to send promotional SMS to customers periodically.
  • Dynamic SIM Allocation offers new way to provision service, called provisioning at first use or location update, which has significant economic and operational benefits for operators.
  • Mobile Number Portability Support.
  • Multiple Reporting facility which integrates with all the CRM functions to provide necessary reports.
  • All the interfaces are customizable to the local market requirements.