Commerce Solutions


E-Shop provides a payment interface and support for secured Payment transactions (3D Payment) to subscribers.


  • Eshop payment validates the credit or debit card details of the subscriber, when the subscriber raises top-up request through the MyAccounts application.
  • When a subscriber raises a top-up request through CRM and CPOS applications, the CRM and CPOS applications raises payment request to the payment gateway through the e-shop’s payment feature.
  • The subscriber’s details are secured through the 3D features of the e-shop application.

ETU - Electronic Top-up

Plintron has a unique software tool to process top-ups which are made through electronic medium for the subscribers by any retailer shop. The requests that are raised will be processed through an Electronic Top-up Unit (ETU) application. The ETU application acts as a gateway to transfer electronic top-up request made through various channels to the rating application in the MVNE platform. The ETU validates the subscriber details while a request is raised.


  • Enables the subscriber to do on-line top-up through on-line top-up channels. 
  • Enables the subscriber to check the current top-up request status.
  • Supports separate Prepaid and Post Paid channels for electronic top-up to the subscribers.
  • Enables the subscriber to query the current bundle top-up status.
  • Enables the subscriber to initiate subscriber ID based on-line top-up and to check the current top-up request and bundle subscription status.
  • The subscriber from one country can transfer air time to another subscriber who belongs to another country.
  • The subscriber can transfer their mobile account balance to another subscriber.