Billing & Revenue

VoMS –Voucher Management System

The VoMS application comes with an exceptional design and technology framed by experts in the mobile and software technology to serve the end user with highest degree of contentment. The unique Plintron VoMS application supports mobile operators to generate and manage vouchers that are explicitly used for recharging mobile accounts. The VoMS application seamlessly interacts with other applications in Plintron MVNE platform to offer best in class service response at any instant.


  • Generate 100000 PINs in single shot and generate customized currency based vouchers PINs.
  • Facility to generate and distribute vouchers batch wise.
  • Flexible encryption and decryption process for higher security.
  • More easy to amend voucher details at any moment.
  • Efficient lifecycle management for Voucher PINs.
  • Blocking and Un-blocking voucher batches.


Telecom Billing is a process of gathering subscriber network usage details, aggregating them, and applying the charges for the subscriber’s network usages. The Plintron PBS application enables the MVNO to rate the raw CDRs and TAP files that are generated after a network transaction. The raw CDRs are generated to charge the subscriber for using the network service in the roaming or home zone. The MVNO can configure the postpaid tariff plan settings in the PBS application. The Customer Support Representative (CSR) creates a subscriber in the CBOS application and associates the subscriber to the existing postpaid tariff plan defined in the PBS application.


  • Postpaid tariff Plan creation
  • Postpaid subscriber provisioning, activation or deactivation.
  • CDR Mediation .
  • Tariff Plan creation.
  • Call barring services.
  • CDR rated Bills in XML format.
  • Recurring or non-recurring bundle for postpaid subscribers.
  • Online or manual retail invoice generation.
  • Payment gateway integration.

WBS – Wholesale Billing System

Plintron Global technology has developed a unique application for the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to govern the wholesalers who act as an MVNO in the mobile market. The MNOs can use the WBS application to create and assign tariff and bundle plans to their MVNOs. Discounts are an important entity to improve business values of the MNO. The MNO can use WBS application to create different types of discount plans to attract more MVNOs and in turn improves business values to the MNO. The WBS is in-built with CDR mediation process for rating and billing the MVNO’s network usage. The WBS can generate different types of reports for validating the MVNO’s business values.


  • WBS can be used to create N number of MVNOs
  • The CDR mediation feature in the WBS application converts the raw CDRs into mediated CDRs for rating and billing process.
  • Different CDR and  TAP files received from the MNO can be converted in to the WBS application understandable format for rating and billing.
  • WBS application has the capability of non-camel charging feature
  • WBS application is capable of configuring the credit limit for the MVNO.
  • WBS application supports different types of charging, discounts and billing options
  • WBS application is capable of alert message configuration