Plintron helps Diary Farm track milk production and quality real time

The Need

One of the largest Dairy farms in Brazil required a real time solution to track the milking of its livestock – including volume and quality of milk, its temperature and vital parameters. The data generated by the devices must be streamed back in real time and displayed on a dashboard.

The Challenge

The key challenge was to manage the volume and variety of data streaming in from the devices. Apart from the large number of devices in use, there was also the challenge of managing the data coming in from different types of devices – fitted to and measuring data from various points in the milk supply chain- right from the cow to the milk storage units. The client preferred to use Cellular technology for coverage, and wanted the tracking of the data points to be real-time.

The Solution

Plintron’s cloud hosted IoT solution, offered with cellular connectivity ensured that the Client was able to achieve his requirement- and was able to onboard a large number of devices, of various models seamlessly and quickly. Plintron also provided the required cellular connectivity, mobile numbers, SIM cards and tariffs along with its IoT solution as a package – ensuring that the client did not have to spend time and effort sourcing it elsewhere.

The Client Benefit

  • Real time tracking of vital data points at the Diary farm.
  • One stop solution –avoiding the need to complete 3rd party integrations.
  • Seamless onboarding of devices – with high scalability, ensuring that the deployment can be rapidly expanded as per requirements very quickly.
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